Suburbia Films (LLC) is a production company based in Alabama dedicated to producing high-end, creative documentaries, fiction films and short films for nationwide and international market. Founded in 2019, the company consists of director and producer Ali Hammoud and general manager Mohamad Hammoud. We also seek to nurture young talents as well as work with established directors to create an innovative approach to fstorytelling.  

Suburbia Films (LLC) is in business to provide services for production of films and videos locally and across states on commission and freelance basis. Most of our films are produced by ourselves, co-produced with other companies or commission-based by streaming channels that will give us the creative muscles to be as creative as possible.  

Our intention of starting our business in the East Coat and particularly in the city of Birmingham, Alabama is to explore this unique niche market, identify with its culture and its singular stories and mostly to have our own independent character away from the densely competitive west-coast. Still yet we recognize some of the challenges ahead and some of the limitation therein we’re seeking to reap from arising opportunities, avert weaknesses and create solutions.  

Our business offering includes the following:

  • Documentaries
  • Dramatic Films
  • Live-action short films
  • Corporate Videos
  • Consultation and evaluation services for film production 
  • Producing and co-producing for film and video
  • Seeking grants from local and international funders
  • Seeking distribution for film and video


 ·  Ali Hammoud is a director and producer, who is interested in creative storytelling and aesthetically produced projects and expected to commit his vision and skills to the benefit of the company. He comes from a unique experience working for documentaries abroad and has a meticulous eye for details and creative aspect of his work. His short documentary About Those Who Have Gone has premiered at Dubai International Film Festival and many other festivals in 2009, followed by his feature documentary Asphalt which had its premiere at Visions du Réel in 2016 and other international film festivals. He has also had worked as executive producer, production manager and producer for many film projects that went to play at film festivals and TV channels. 

·  Mohamad Hammoud is the general manager of Suburbia Films (LLC) who comes from rich business management background and therein contributing with his valuable experience into facilitating the company’s operation from ground up and sourcing out best ways to channel the financial means necessary for growth and sustainability.